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Miracle Spinal Healing

Matai Yoga Universal Healing Solutions inclusive of Total Wellbeing

Welcome to the world’s no.1 Mind Body Format for YOUR Spine, Pelvic Floor and Total Wellbeing. Research now indicates that those individuals NOT attending Mataip workshops and sessions are operating at lower levels and could be losing at least 30% of potential strength and energy levels. Over 5 million in the UK are suffering with bladder issues and non functioning Pelvic Floors and inner units. The good news is that with regular Mataip Yoga and 1:1 or 1:2 Clinics you can strengthen your Pelvic floor and spine intelligently to achieve more and stay functional.

With matai Yoga you intelligently programme your body to stimulate key stabilising muscles around the lower spine region and gently massage internal organs. The liver, kidneys, heart and lungs will start to function at optimal levels to give you a boost in your everyday life. When you experience Mataip Yoga you will feel leaner stronger and calmer able to deal with the challenges of life.

Matai Yoga and Awesome Wellbeing sessions slow down the ageing process and essential for Mental Wellbeing. Thousands have healed with the Mataip formula and increased neural links and performance.

Tips for your Pelvic Floor and Spine from Matai Yoga include:

  1. Standing taller and improve your posture.
  2. Eat whole foods.
  3. Avoid any processed foods.

Breath slower throughout the day to assist more oxygenated blood to nourish internal organs.

Uk Workshop dates
Norwood Green Village Hall
Village Street

Limited places available

£50 non members £35 members

8th September 2018 09:30 – 12:30
9th October 2018 09:30- 12:30

If you wish to perform at a higher level book your sessions today reserve your place on the Matai Yoga Mind Essentials Retreat 14 – 21 September 2018 , Loule, Algarve, Portugal. 11 workshops designed to take Mind and Body to the NEXT LEVEL. Next years date 20 -27th September 2019

Please note Pilates is ok but the higher level for improved performance with Mind and Body is Matai Yoga to Extend Life and become amazing.

The Matai Miracle Spinal Healing: Decompression and spinal fusion are the two most common lumbar spine surgeries for patients with lower back pain and leg pain.