Spinal Healing Health and Rehab

The World No1. Mind Body Format for Post Natal Rehab – Matai Yoga. Millions of mothers are suffering with Post natal issues that may effect the Lumbar spine, pelvic floor, waistline and bottom region. Matai Yoga sessions and clinics now available to rehabilitate the mid section, pelvic floor and flatten the abdominal wall. Matai Yoga sessions and clinics ensure that you reprogram the structure so you start to function at a much higher level. After a course of sessions your buttock region will lift, your abdominal wall will flatten, confidence levels go through the roof with a positive self image. Sacroiliac, lower spine strength will be achieved with this amazing format. Matai Yoga the World’s no. 1 format for rehabilitation, inner strength, biomechanics and flattening the abdominal wall.

Becoming functional with bladder control will be achieved with Next Level Matai Yoga and Mind Essentials. After your course of sessions you will visibly see the new You with better posture, movement quality, flexibility and muscle tone. Essential Stress Management with mataip Yoga ensures your calmer and stay in control of your Life.

If you have experienced Matai Pilates or Yoga you will stay on track with regular guided practice to uplift your existence.

Key focus in 2018 is Matai Yoga the breath of Life to accelerate results. Keep the breath calm as often as you can and ensure you get your one to one consultation to increase performance.

Participants benefit aged 16 – 90 in Matai Yoga sessions suitable for all ages, abilities sexes.

Stay awesome and get into a session soon.

The Matai Miracle Spinal Healing: Decompression and spinal fusion are the two most common lumbar spine surgeries for patients with lower back pain and leg pain.