Rehabilitation & Performance

Matai Method & Matai Yoga

The world’s No.1 format for Performance and Rehabilitation.


  1. The MATAI method and MATAI Yoga was devised over the past twenty years of observing, teaching and healing clinics with astounding results.
  2. Key tip this month include for rehabilitation include avoiding Gluten which could inflame key organs, urinary tract, cardiovascular respiratory systems.
  3. Attend Matai Yoga sessions to stay on the correct functional path. Unfortunately, some methodology may impair your system instead of taking you to another level. Tuned into a higher power in Matai Yoga sessions, grounded.
  4. Walk as often as you can with your head held high.
  5. Take time to smell the forest and flowers. As you walk, take in the detail of the trees and notice the detail in the flow of clear water, near water as often as you can and make a note of how you feel at the end and in the middle of your walk.
  6. Lift your head towards the sun and walk intelligently with your chest held high.
  7. Walk as often as you can on grass instead of concrete where possible to absorb more Universal energy. 
  8. If you have a PC laptop or phone you ideally should be attending at least two Matai Yoga workshops per month and weekly sessions to bring you back into balance.
  9. In order to accelerate your rehab, you will need to hydrate with at least two liters per day to stay on track. Meditate on a calm but powerful waves lapping up on the shore in paradise see yourself empowered with every breath. See yourself shining brighter with every breath and let go of any negative thoughts breathing happiness into your kinetic chain. Raise your conscious  MInd to the higher vibration of Love and Love permeating every cell of your body. See your Mind state positive healthier and vibrant.
  10. Your future performance will depend on the quality of your thinking with high performance, positive, healthy thoughts only.
  11. Walk with Peace, Calm, Love & Prosperity only.
The Matai Miracle Spinal Healing: Decompression and spinal fusion are the two most common lumbar spine surgeries for patients with lower back pain and leg pain.